LPG (Liqid Petroleum Gas) is becoming widely used for heating and cooking rather than biomass.

The demand for blended LPG (propane and butane blends) has increased significantly due to the growth in CFC free propellant and liquid gas based fuel production.

The propane and butane feedstocks used for blending LPG often vary in quality and for this reason in-line LPG blenders are often supplied with a density trim control system.

When the LPG blender is started the required flow rate and component ratio is set by the control system based on the ratio entered in the recipe. A density analyser, installed at a homogeneous point in the blender header, generates a control signal, which is used to continually optimise the component ratio. This ensures that the blended product is always produced as specified at the lowest cost.

The field equipment for every LPG blender is designed and selected to ensure maximum reliability and a minimal pressure drop to avoid any flashing of the propane and butane. Jiskoot LPG blenders use a controller with unique self-learning control algorithms that instantly respond to changes in process conditions or feedstock quality. The components are continuously measured and adjusted during the batch to ensure optimum quality and minimum give-away. Blended LPG products are volume corrected to standard conditions using API 2540 / IP 200. Loading and blend documentation can be automatically produced in volume or mass units by the controller.

Sensia JISKOOT’s LPG Blending Systems are designed to ensure consistent quality throughout the batch even during tank changes, feedstock starvation, loss of power or the unlikely failure of a system component. The final LPG product is mixed in the blender header to ensure product consistency and the accuracy of any analyser fitted. This also provides an ideal location for an automatic sampler.

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