Avocet H1-2021 technical update. New capabilities demonstration

Join our webinar to learn more about the new features implemented in the latest releases of Avocet. These releases bringing new functionality targeted at the oil and gas operators as well as non-operating partners.

Highlights include: 

Monitor Allocation results through Network Dashboard 

The Network Dashboard enables you to dynamically update the business approval status of the allocation data associated with a selected network. 

Complete end to end integration workflow between ConnectedProduction, Avocet, and OFM
  • The Avocet-ConnectedProduction seamless integration workflow will show you how daily operational data like Well Measurement data (THP, THT, Choke etc.), metering data etc. can be pulled from ConnectedProduction to do the required aggregation and save it to Avocet. It will also write back the Avocet data like back allocated rate, cumulative production, well total forecasted production etc. to ConnectedProduction to visualize the data on ConnectedProduction for trend analysis
  • The Avocet-OFM integration will show you how Avocet production data can be sent to OFM to perform DCA forecast and write back the forecast data to Avocet from OFM
What's new in Avocet. Technical update
  • Avocet Data Loader process (Load File) to log name of the source data file(s) name in the process log file
  • Ability to load data into Avocet using GraphQL
  • Avocet WebAPI to support authentication via Avocet users when used with token-based authentication
  • Support for persisting user settings across sessions when deployed as a published application
  • Utility to generate a recommended dbinfo file based on schema customization
  • Utility to identify missing flags for an application ID in appconfig_project.xml
Rohan Shirdhankar – Product Analyst for Avocet
Parag Aswal – Production Engineer

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