Creating an OFM Plugin is easier than you think - Eastern Hemisphere

Have you ever had an algorithm you wanted to implement in OFM, but did not know how? Have you faced the situation when you wanted to expand OFM functionality with some analysis or visualization tools?

Join this webinar organized by Sensia to learn more about how to expand standard OFM functionality by creating your own plugins using API functionality.  At the end of this even you will be able to use OFM to add new functions, streamline automatic data exchange with other applications, code your proprietary workflows inside OFM, and bring advanced data visualization capabilities.

Whether you are an engineer with the passion to automate certain things by writing software code or are an IT professional looking to explore new domains like oil and gas, you will find this event useful and gain great knowledge from the hands-on session providing the right balance between the theory and practice. 
In a nutshell, what is an API?

  • Application Programming Interface

  • A software to software interface

  • Two different plugins are available

    • Plugin Functions are an extension of built-in system functions, for use in calculations

    • Plugin Analysis are an extension of the built-in Analysis, such as plots and reports

  • Very similar to writing Excel Macros

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