Is your safety system up to current standards?

Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) are critical to safe operations. You are challenged to mitigate risks, provide safe operations and meet regulatory requirements. The protection of personnel, processes, and the surrounding environment remains a significant part of any automation strategy. Throughout the decades, process industries have used different forms of safety based on what was available in the market from relay systems to solid state to programmable electronic devices.

Guidelines and standards for the design and implementation of safety systems have been in place in a variety of industries since the 1990s. Many things change, even standards. Yet many other things do not change – or change very little – such as industrial processes that have been running for decades. So what are people expected to do with safety systems installed prior to current standards? Are previous designs automatically assumed to be acceptable, or must all older systems be ripped out and replaced? This is one topic that has its fair share of misinformation and scare tactics, and what will be explored in this webinar.

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