We are proud of our people – going above and beyond on the South China Sea

March 23, 2021 | Written by: Sensia


At Sensia, we pride ourselves on our capabilities and complete focus on solving oil and gas automation challenges; we are aware that the skills and expertise of our people are critical to our success.

Today, we celebrate our China team, in particular Sensia Project Engineer Leo Peng Li, for another great job well done. 

One of our customers developed a large semi-submersible production platform (100,000 DWT) and, earlier this year, sent it from the shipyard in China to its final site destination for installation and commissioning. Sensia was chosen as supplier for its ICSS (Integrated Control and Safety System) and Leo was brought aboard to keep the system safe and operational for the duration of its 1600-nautical mile journey across the South China Sea. 

As expected, there were lots of challenges to face during the eighteen days at sea. It was critical to keep the system 100% operational during the journey, with particular emphasis on the fire and gas safety system. With the heavy sea winds making the platform very unstable and with minimal people to support on such a large offshore facility it was no doubt a challenging and lonely job at times. 

We are delighted to say that Leo completed his task with flying colors. His hard work and dedication to the job – over Chinese New Year nonetheless – ensured that the highest levels of safety were maintained throughout the operation, building the trust of our customer and once again positioning Sensia as an outstanding solution and service vendor. 

Thank you, Leo! 

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