Making a positive impact in the community

May 25, 2023 | Written by: Sensia

At Sensia, we take pride in our incredible team members, they go above and beyond to make a positive impact, not only for our customers but in their local communities too. Recently, we were thrilled to hear that Stephanie Dewar, Sensia Strategic Account Manager, had organized a 2nd Annual Calgary Pathway Cleanup for the Sensia Calgary team.

The Pathway River Cleanup is a city-wide initiative that occurs annually, orchestrated through the city council. It aims to clean all the paths and riverways throughout the city, bringing the community together for a collective effort.
On the day of the cleanup, our dedicated team members worked diligently to keep the surroundings clean and pristine. As a token of gratitude, Calgary measurement field specialists, Farooq Mir and Ahmed Maalin, treated the team to a fabulous BBQ! Their culinary skills added a delicious touch to the event, bringing everyone together to enjoy a well-deserved feast.

Once they’d finished, our vibrant Sensia run club took the opportunity to continue their active lifestyle by embarking on an 18km run! This further showcases the team's dedication to not only maintaining a clean environment but also prioritizing their health and wellbeing.
We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to everyone involved in the Calgary Pathway Cleanup. Your unwavering dedication to keeping this lovely area clean and promoting a sense of community is inspiring. Sensia is proud to have such wonderful individuals as part of our team. Our employees truly embody our values, demonstrating their commitment to corporate social responsibility and a cleaner, more sustainable environment, making a positive impact beyond the workplace.
Let us continue to celebrate and support one another in our endeavors, fostering a culture of teamwork and community engagement. Together, we can create a lasting impact on the world around us.
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