Meet the New OFM 21. Discover what is new in the latest release

Join us to discover the recently released OFM 21. This latest version of OFM introduces a new Forecast Manager module with auto forecasting capabilities, as well as performance enhancements and upgrades to core modules for better user experience and flexibility.

Now available as a 64-bit application, OFM 21.1 offers performance improvements and new exciting features for better user experience and flexibility.
  1. Performance improvements in saving forecasts (SQL servers) and opening large projects
  2. New Forecast Manager with Auto Forecast functionality
  3. Added flexibility in Decline Curve Analysis (DCA) filtering and point selection
  4. Switch Rate Date “drop line” available on DCA charts and forecast tables[CR1]
  5. Added option of displaying fit curves and Pvalue locations on the CDF chart
  6. New index feature improving plotting and reporting of non-date dependent data

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