Partnership announcement

January 21, 2021 | Written by: Sensia

Intelligent Assets
The technical partnership between Agora and Sensia is set to accelerate industrial scale automation in oil and gas.
The future is present
The promise of the Rockwell Schlumberger joint venture – ‘to make available the benefits of industrial scale automation in the oil and gas value chain’ – takes a giant leap forward with the announcement of the technical partnership between Sensia and Agora.

The prize is in your hands
Greater productivity, improved safety, increased knowledge, reductions in waste and lower emissions have always been the prize of digitalization. However, the convergence at scale and with consistency has been the challenge. Until today. With the Sensia Agora technical partnership it is now possible to cost-effectively and quickly create intelligent assets that ensure optimization, decision-making and control is where it needs to be - in the field, on the equipment and at the edge.
Intelligent assets: no longer a pipe dream, now it’s mainstream
The Sensia Agora technical partnership means the industry can quickly move away from one off, highly engineered, time and resource heavy intelligent asset projects to more agile, fast to deploy intelligent asset solutions implemented at any scale - from single asset to fieldwide applications.
Together Sensia and Agora make the benefits and incremental value of increased automation and autonomy - greater productivity, increased efficiency, improved safety, increased knowledge, reductions in waste and fewer emissions - available to all operators large and small, anywhere on the oil and gas value chain. In production, transportation and storage and process.
Where intelligence and automation converge
This is the oil and gas industry’s’ first configure to order, end-to-end digitialization solution for oil and gas applications. Field-ready for oil and gas, these intelligent asset solutions are robust, powerful, reliable, secure, and low power. The solution integrates the AgoraCore application platform and AgoraOps over the air security and device management together with the ConnectedProduction digitalization platform, next generation QRATE hyperconverged edge controller and connected products from Sensia.
The future of intelligent asset performance is available today.
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