Proud of our people – Celebrating Women’s Equality Day

August 24, 2023 | Written by: Sensia

Allison Ramshaw | Company Administration Manager QA HSE

To celebrate Women’s Equality Day, we spoke to some of our talented female team members about their career experiences.

First up, Allison Ramshaw.

Allison joined us through our acquisition of Swinton, where she does an incredible job as Company Administrator Manager, which includes QA and HSE management.

We couldn’t wait to sit down and discover what drives her and how she finds life as the first female leader at Swinton Technology.

Navigating a male-dominated industry

Hi, Allison – thanks for joining us. We’ve got some burning questions about your time at Swinton. First off, how did you come to work here?

Hi, not a problem. Well, initially, I worked at Spektra-Tek before it became Swinton in 2001. Then, when it changed, I stayed on for three months to help empty the office – at the same time, I completed a private secretary course. I knew Swinton needed someone for a role I had the skills for, so I joined the then team of eight.

So, you're an original member? How did you find working in a male-dominated environment?

Swinton, now part of Sensia, has always been incredibly supportive. And in return, I have helped Ben Leach, who also came across from Spektra-Tek, get Swinton to where it is today.

Throughout the growth of my family of three children, I’ve always been able to have open discussions about my needs. Even when I left in 2006 after my third child to be a full-time mum, I stayed in touch with the business and eventually returned (when I got too bored of domestic life) working two days a week, then finally back to full-time employment.

It’s not just about support

With so much support, how have you progressed in your role?

It’s not just about support. That’s part of it. But equality is about empowerment. Since the Sensia acquisition, I have joined the management team and have increased my responsibilities from finance-related work to quality assurance and health and safety. I learned a lot from Heather, who also worked in QA, and her mentoring sessions were invaluable. So much so, I’m now passing that knowledge on to my team so they can excel in their roles. Opportunities aren’t limited here.

What can the oil and gas industry do to better celebrate the achievements of women?

We must be present for younger females who want to get into our industry to see. Representing ourselves at events and functions with a female presence is a must and something we do regularly. The big challenge for our industry (and many others) today is sustainability. And the answer to that might be unlocked by a female. But not if we don’t provide role models for them to reach out to.

Building success

As a female leader in our industry, how have you inspired success?

I now have a team of four outstanding women. This is something I am hugely proud of. We’re a tight bunch. That is us in the picture – Debbie, Emma, myself and Gillian. I hope I have rubbed off on them somehow, but they are very much their own women. If I was to offer any advice to women in any industry, I’d tell them not to be a people-pleaser or be intimidated by anyone. Use every interaction as an opportunity to learn, and don’t spread yourself too thin! Doing a good job is better than rushing and ‘multifailing’.

Thank you, Allison. We’ve been fascinated by your inspiring story of success and your insights. We hope you continue to influence inclusivity across the industry. We’ve enjoyed celebrating Women’s Equality Day with you.

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