Sensia showcases International Women In Engineering Day #INWED22

June 21, 2022 | Written by: Sensia

All around the world, women in engineering inspire us every day. And for this year’s International Women in Engineering Day, we’re excited to celebrate our very own smart, innovative, and talented women at Sensia. Our women are the best-in-class in their given fields, and continuously deliver industry-leading solutions from the edge to the enterprise.  
This year marks the 9th anniversary of the incredible initiative led by the Women’s Engineering Society. And for 2022 the focus is on the future inventors and innovators who will change the industry.  
All our engineers are committed to bettering the future of oil and gas, but we wanted to hear from three of our female engineers shaping the production landscape through cutting-edge automation and digitization development. 

Introducing, Project Engineer, Benjawan Juntaket, Production Engineer, Amelia Sofa Horacio dos Santos Garcia, and Digital Solutions Team Lead for Egypt & Sudan, Entisar Esseid. All three share their experiences, inspiration, and advice for other aspiring women. 
“In high school, my mathematics and physics teacher who is a mechanical engineer taught me to solve exams by thinking like an engineer to solve cause and effect. We break the barrier. And that shows in the quality of work, my dedication, and the compliments I get from customers.  
Believe in yourself and be confident. If I can do it, you can do it”. 
Benjawan Juntket 
Project Engineer 
“What I love about being a female engineer is that it is a hands-on profession, and we give a solution to the problem. The other factor is that my capacity is unlimited. What makes me proud is that my ideas contribute to the company's growth.  
Never stop pursuing what you enjoy doing, even if it is seen as a career for men. In fact, my husband used to ask why I decided to pursue an engineering degree when I could have done advocacy and followed in my dad’s path. Women in engineering can still perform well while also looking after their families.” 
Amelia Sofa Horacio dos Santos Garcia 
Production Engineer 
Luanda, Angola 
“Being a female engineer since 2003 has offered me many opportunities to learn something new every day. Working in different locations with diverse cultures has contributed to shaping the current version of me. Here, I am Entisar, active, eager to learn, willing to adapt, and delighted to have this opportunity sharing my story with you.” 
Entisar Esseid  
Digital Solutions Team Lead for Egypt & Sudan 

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