We are proud of our people. Roy Williams going above and beyond

May 21, 2021 | Written by: Sensia

3235ELG_SENSIA_WEB_STORY_ROY-WILLIAMS_MAY21.JPGAt Sensia we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service for our customers. The kind of service that is remembered and valued.

Some years ago, our now Canadian Sales Manager, Ian Dowdell, sold the QRATE Scanner 3100 and Camcor Coriolis meter to help one of our Canadian oil and gas customers get accurate basic sediment and water measurements for well test separator measurement. As the equipment was new to the client’s team, Ian enlisted the expertise of Measurement Engineer, Roy Williams, to help with the site commissioning and SCADA system communication. 

Roy successfully completed his assignment before going on to support the customer in automating eight more test separators with the QRATE Scanner 3100 and Camcor Coriolis meter, offering a level of assistance that prompted the Field Maintenance Foreman to recently get in touch and express his gratitude for everything Roy has contributed over the years:

“Roy, I can’t begin to tell you and the rest of your team how valuable your support individually has been during this whole process. We honestly would not have a single unit running without your insight with the devices and the work you have done to get our network talking to it from the SCADA side of things. While we have had challenges with other aspects, I know that we are very much in debt to your work to support these devices at all times of the day. As I have mentioned in my previous role to your company, and as I will do again, I truly hope that they know the value of your part in their team and make you feel as valuable as we hold you.“
Customer feedback like this, really is what we do it for. Keep up the good work, Roy.

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