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January 17, 2021 | Written by: Sensia

Building sustainable social progress in Mexico with Pemex and PACMA

 Here at Sensia, we are proud to support the communities in which we operate. So, when an opportunity arose to work alongside one of our most valued strategic partners, Pemex, to give back to the Mexican people by building a radio station in a low-income, remote, indigenous community – we took it. The goal of this project is to promote the Chontal dialect in the region and not lose the indigenous language. Only 3% of the population of Tabasco speaks an indigenous language and the majority of those speak Chontal, a Mayan language native to the state of Tabasco, Mexico.
Support Program for Communities and the Environment (PACMA) is Pemex-based corporate social responsibility initiative designed to promote sustainable development and strengthen community relations. As a long-term strategic partner of both Rockwell and Sensia over the last 20 years – we wanted to assist Pemex in any way possible.
Unlike many other corporate social responsibility initiatives, this didn’t involve just making a financial contribution and walking away. Overseen by dedicated Delivery RS Program Manager, Carlos Sanchez, teams from Sensia and Rockwell Automation rolled up their sleeves to deliver boots-on-the-ground support – providing everything from project management and onsite supervision to labor and materials. All while imparting valuable training to the local community.
With the radio station up and running following a grand opening attended by none other than the President of Mexico – Carlos is already managing further projects to contribute to our Social License to Operate (Licencia Social de Operación or “LSO”) in the region – from construction of high school classrooms to Casa Eijdal. Supervising on-site, approving technical drawings, monitoring and controlling the projects from end-to-end. Work he is extremely proud to be part of:
“PACMA has been a very effective way for us to engage with PEMEX in a program that creates social and community value. Besides the radio station project, we are involved in other ones to provide medical equipment or valuable training to the community. I manage the project schedule, visit the sites, and supervise project progress. It’s so rewarding to contribute to projects that make such a lasting impact in the development of low-income populations.” 

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