Intelligent, autonomous upstream production: World Oil article

February 03, 2021 | Written by: Sensia

New article: intelligent, autonomous upstream production
One thousand alarms. One important event. This is the reality facing many operators today. With so much ability to prioritize events lying in people rather than programs – it’s almost impossible for field engineers to qualify or respond to the most important.
Here at Sensia, we believe there is a better way. A smarter way. Head over to World Oil to hear how we’re leveraging AI and machine learning technologies to improve efficiencies, reduce asset downtime and protect critical knowledge in oil production from our Advanced Technology R&D Manager, Jonathan Chong, in his article: How to Realize Intelligent, Autonomous Operations In Upstream Production.
Article summary 
Imagine if every production asset across your well sites had a dedicated surveillance engineer continuously monitoring and managing its performance. You could keep all your assets performing optimally, and significantly reduce the risk of failures and shutdowns.
In this article, we explore the potential for artificial intelligence to revolutionize the efficiency of upstream production. Including the importance of finding the optimal balance between domain knowledge and machine learning to effectively embed this intelligence at the edge and seamlessly integrate it with everyday operations. Reimagining well sites to prevent situations from escalating to a point of equipment failure or unnecessary alarm by making proactive and informed adjustments in real-time.
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