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Avalon core automation and digitalization platform

New name. Limitless potential.

Formerly known as ConnectedProduction – Avalon is the new name for the open digitalization platform underpinning our latest portfolio of autonomous, automated, and connected solutions. Avalon is bigger, better and more versatile. Avalon is what you make it. Now make it your own.

Avalon powers Intelligent Action

Sensia is the one-stop-shop for executing an oil & gas digital strategy. Avalon enables you to introduce Intelligent Action into every component of oil & gas operations. In the field and in the office. On the pipeline. From the wellhead to the refinery. The producers of data connected to the consumers of data. No boundaries, no limits, no restrictions.

Take digitalization
to the next level

By unifying measurements, intelligence and action Sensia helps you maximize operations performance, optimize production facilities, enhance production agility, reduce downtime and apply resources where they benefit your business most.

Moving your disconnected operations to a digitalized and automated environment isn’t a single, major event. It can be broken down into steps, each of which adds value in its own right, but leads in a clear direction towards a more productive, efficient destination.

Avalon is an open platform-as-a-service that integrates easily with your existing IT/OT investment – unlocking the hidden potential of your existing IT/OT assets, it puts you on the path toward full digitization.

But, once in place, Avalon will allow you to visualize and control all aspects of your Oil & Gas operation. By collecting the right data and contextualizing it into real-time diagnostics, operational trends and KPIs, people and functions across the organization will be making more informed decisions.

Four key steps on your digitalization and automation journey

#1 Connect your equipment, devices and systems

#2 Seamlessly integrate multiple sources of data systems

#3 Transform that data into usable and useful operational intelligence

#4 Implement optimization or safety workflows, either automated or human operated

Connect everything
to everyone

Our open oil & gas digitalization platform not only creates a new breed of intelligent, packaged automated solutions, but also enables you to extend the industrial IoT to your legacy investments – either on your premises or in the cloud.

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Built on Avalon

Avalon Lift Surveillance

Leverage the power of our Avalon Lift Surveillance ESP, PCP and SRP apps to drive efficiency by building a full spectrum of surveillance on a single platform – from base level to fully autonomous production across all lift types.

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Built on Avalon

Ai Response Prioritization
for ESPs

AiRP – an Avalon Surveillance application – enables you to capture, save and analyze events, in detail, in real time. Without the full picture, failure prediction is impossible.

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Enabled by Avalon

Automated Gas Lift

Based on the Avalon platform, Automated Gas Lift Optimization allows operators to monitor current and historical parameters from gas lift facilities and send optimized flow targets to well site flow computers.

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Enabled by Avalon

Underground Gas Storage

Uniting the data processing power of Avocet™, actionable insight of OFM™ and the complete operational view of your underground gas storage equipment Powered by Avalon – it’s never been simpler to understand the conditions of your underground gas storage equipment in real time.

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An open solution to your oil & gas production challenges

Intelligent digitalization and automation can help producers improve every aspect of oil and gas production, from maximizing equipment performance and meeting production targets to lowering operating costs. In many operations, however, data is still collected manually and left unconnected.

Digitalization and connecting your data gives you total visibility of individual devices, systems and even complete oilfields. This, in turn, enables you to fully reap the benefits of digitalized production, transportation, storage and processing. And with Avalon as the enabler of your digital solutions, you are establishing your own scalable, flexible platform with which you adapt, react and expand.

80 billion – The amount of additional oil barrels Big Data could help companies extract globally

Upstream Intelligence

Up to 8% higher production rates Chevron Technology Magazine Up to 25% in operating cost savings

Chevron Technology Magazine

Asset Performance Remote monitoring reduces well downtime by 4 hours after a shutdown

Orb Comm

Up to 6% improved resource recovery

Chevron Technology Magazine

Cost Reduction $8 billion lost in non-productive time searching for data


Skills Gap 90% of O&G companies felt industry is facing a talent shortage

Ernst & Young

15% cost reduction through widespread adoption of technology


The question is not whether to digitalize.
It’s how to digitalize

The evidence and arguments for digitally connected oil & gas operations are overwhelming. It drives production rates and resource recovery up, whilst enabling significant reductions in operating costs and asset downtime.

But, of course, digitalizing such a distributed and complex industry will never be simple. The key is to build on a foundation that is flexible and open. That you can modify and make your own. That is Avalon.


#1 Deploy anywhere, at speed.

Avalon is a single, open platform. That ensures it can be deployed at speed, across oil & gas production, transportation, storage, and processing plants. As a cloud-native citizen it can live on-premise or on the cloud – any cloud, public or private.

#2 Your existing investment is protected.

If you’ve already started your digitalization and automation journey, not only can you leverage those assets, but also unlock their hidden potential.

#3 Your data is always secure.

Leave Cybersecurity anxiety behind – Avalon is built from the ground-up with strict cybersecurity standards by design. With Avalon.

#4 Every link is connected, always.

Production, operations, domain, field – every link in the chain is intelligently connected.

#5 Your data is always available.

From the user point of view, the system is seamless, and data is always available. With no interrupted workflows, data loss or missed events.

#6 Always scalable, up and across.

With Avalon you can always rely on fresh operational intelligence to make informed decisions, autonomously, or manually in real-time.

#7 Always reliably up to date.

With Avalon you can always rely on fresh operational intelligence to make informed decisions, autonomously, or manually in real-time.

#8 Personalize everything.

Because it is built to be OEM-friendly, everything can be personalized and configured to suit your environment now, and as you move forward.

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