Avocet Mobile Data Capture App

Streamline the process of production operations data collection by mobilizing your field workforce.

Accurate data capture. On the go.

Collect, validate and share production operations data wherever your operation takes you next. Avocet Mobile Data Capture App combines user-friendly functionality with on-the-move convenience to enable your field personnel to efficiently and accurately manage crucial operations data – both onshore or offshore. Giving them all-of-the-tools they need to reduce downtime and optimize asset performance. On the go.


  • Remote onshore and offshore locations with limited or no connectivity.
  • Operations with extensive manual data collection needs.
  • Unconventional and greenfield operations with rapidly changing and evolving field infrastructure.
  • Field teams comprising both company and contract operators.


  • Reduce data collection time: Shorten the elapsed time between field data collection and delivery.

  • Increase efficiency: Free-up your field operators’ time so they can focus on detecting issues faster and reducing downtime.

  • Improve data quality: Greatly reduce transcription errors by capturing and validating data at source.

  • Support remote locations: Stay connected with automatic syncing when network coverage with the main office database resumes.

  • Integrate with Avocet: Leverage the full power of Avocet production data management capabilities by seamless two-way communication between the desktop and mobile app.


  • Install and maintain easily: Deploy via the Apple app store or Google Play store to provision new operators in minutes and enjoy seamless upgrades and future releases.

  • Ensure usability: The extremely intuitive and userfriendly interface requires little training to master.

  • Customize to meet your needs: Easily customize data forms to fit the unique data capture and operational needs of your company.

  • Reduce required training: Field users become proficient within minutes. With a self-explanatory layout that harnesses all common mobile navigational conventions and screens that parallel the way operators want to collect data.


  • Now iOS and Android device-compatible.

  • Easily add and configure data capture screens.

  • Perform all industry computations, calculation, and volume corrections in online and offline mode.

  • Switch between online and offline modes with full functionality to support remote locations.

  • Access a library of configurable validation rules to ensure the accuracy of data at the source.

  • Prevent accidental data changes after the data had been validated and locked with built-in functionality.

  • Secure access and distribution safeguards to move sensitive information throughout the organization.

  • Streamline operator navigation and auto-filters to equipment in the nearby vicinity with GIS map integration.

  • Adjust the route sequence directly on the device for increased flexibility—placing power in the hands of the field operator.

  • Launch external pre-configured SSRS reports from the application.

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