Avocet Production Data Core

Capture, validate, store and process production information. Seamlessly.

Powerful aggregation

The powerful, extensible base of the Avocet Production Data Management System (PDMS) – Production Data Core aggregates and stores all forms of data collected in your production operations. Helping your team seamlessly monitor everything from continuous and sporadic flow measurements to equipment specifications and subsequent engineering analysis results.


No two operations are the same. That is why the Production Data Core has multiple reporting and analyzing options – powering solutions for workflow automation, visualization, tracking, data-driven analysis, and model-based workflows.


Our unique time-centric data model ensures that all data and events are fully date-effective. It also supports storing summary of high-frequency data from the field – while simultaneously maintaining a comprehensive historical record to serve as a knowledge base for future use.


  • Centralized, integrated production data management between the field and office.
  • Automated routine data capture and analysis processes and workflows.
  • Rapid notification of production shortfalls.
  • Contributes to the safe operation of oil and gas assets.
  • Streamlined reporting to internal stakeholders, authorities, and partners.
  • Surveillance, optimization, and planning performed by engineers for their respective fields with integrated tools that use data directly from the system.

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