INSTRUCT Control UAC1 Universal Acquisition Controller

Maintain wellsite integrity with protection, control, and data acquisition.

Control and acquisition in a single interface

Eliminate the need for multiple surface components with an onsite ESP site controller that combines all wellsite control, surface, and downhole data acquisition functions into one single interface.

The INSTRUCT Control UAC1 Universal Acquisition Controller monitors multiple well and operating data points, including electrical system data, information from external analog or digital devices, data measured by the downhole monitoring system, and remote commands. Using plain-language, multilingual programming, you can set alarm and trip settings—locally or remotely—for quick troubleshooting of ESP systems. With ultimate control and effective data management, the controller helps maintain wellsite integrity.

With the user-friendly interface of the INSTRUCT UAC1, view key information about the status of the wellsite and access various settings and controls. The integrated keypad and display provide local control and operation and incorporates full hand-off-auto and start control for the motor, so externally wired switches are not required.

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Prevent data loss

Simple, flexible, and secure access to real-time data from remote wellsites with the SCB Field Communication Gateway.

INSTRUCT Comms WCG1 Wellsite Communication Gateway

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