INSTRUCT Drive ELVT and EMVT variable speed drives

Control submersible and surface pumping systems

Variable speed drives (VSDs) provide reliable power, protection, and control of electric submersible pump (ESP) and horizontal surface pumping system (HPS) installations.

The INSTRUCT Drive ELVT and EMVT VSDs minimize stress on the system via low- and medium-voltage options for the specific power requirements of your application. With thousands sold globally, INSTRUCT VSDs are widely used and suitable for most mature production situations, including brownfields.

INSTRUCT Drive ELVT and EMVT VSDs enable you to:

  • reduce overall operating costs, potential energy fines, and levies
  • decrease workovers and replacements
  • prolong pump run life
  • increase total efficiency 
  • increase production.

Low-voltage Variable Speed Drive


The INSTRUCT Drive ELVT VSD is used typically with HPSs. When adding  an integral output sine wave filter (SWD) option, the drive is used typically with ESPs; the output voltage wave form is similar to that of a true sine wave and thus results in less voltage stress and a longer life for the motor, cable, and other electrical components.
Both the INSTRUCT Drive ELVT provides harmonic control in 6- and 12-pulse configurations. For 6-pulse low-voltage drives (LVDs), the electric current is typically distorted 25%, depending on the power system impedance. The 12-pulse LVDs halve the distortion to 11%.

The ELVT is also offered in an 18-pulse configuration using a patented phase-shifting integral autotransformer reducing the harmonic distortion that meets IEEE 519 code. This design is significantly more efficient than a typical low-voltage drive system that uses an external isolation phase-shifting transformer, further reducing operational costs

INSTRUCT Drive ELVT Variable Speed Drive product sheet

Our VSDs are among the most reliable in the industry, with a mean time between failures (MTBF) design philosophy of 5 to 10 years for low- and medium-voltage drives respectively.

INSTRUCT Drive EMVT medium-voltage VSD

INSTRUCT Drive EMVT medium-voltage VSD
Suitable for either indoor (NEMA 1) or outdoor (NEMA 3) use, both versions of the INSTRUCT Drive EMVT comes standard with a visible fused disconnect switch, precharge circuitry, and sine wave output filter tailored for controlling and protecting high-horsepower ESPs. With current distortion typically under 5%, the EMVT VSD practically eliminates harmonics concerns and enhances electric power efficiency.

Indoor—The indoor VSD has an integral 24-pulse input isolation transformer.
View INSTRUCT Control EMVT medium-voltage VSD for indoor application product sheet

Outdoor—As the first in the industry, the outdoor VSD has an integral 36-pulse input isolation transformer, and unlike all indoor MVDs, it does not require installation in a climate-controlled environment.

View INSTRUCT Control EMVT medium-voltage VSD for outdoor applications product sheet
INSTRUCT VSD Specifications
  Enclosure Rating  Input Configuration  Application
Diode, 6- or 12-pulse
INSTRUCT Drive EVLT with SWD option NEMA 1 or NEMA 3R
Diode, 6- or 12-pulse
INSTRUCT Drive ELVT 18 pulse option NEMA 1, NEMA 3R, or IP56 (optional)
18-pulse integral phase shift transformer with diode front end
ESPs or HPSs
24-pulse design with visible input fused disconnect and precharge circuitry, three-phase input isolation transformer
High-horsepower ESPs or HPSs
36-pulse design with visible input fused isolation switch (optional for liquid-filled transformer >6.6 kV) and precharge circuitry
High-horsepower ESPs or HPSs

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