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Oil & gas asset monitoring and optimization solutions

Maintain high asset utilization to drive efficiency, maximize performance and dramatically lower costs.

Irreducibly simple optimization across the entire
supply chain

As domain experts, we fully understand how your oil and gas monitoring systems provide invaluable data that can help you optimize every step from reservoir to refinery. Unlocking its full potential can improve efficiency, reliability and safety for more effective transportation and processing. While facility- and enterprise-wide views of asset performance, unplanned shutdowns, and optimization of maintenance resource can help you increase production and keep operational costs in check.

Balance cost reduction and operational excellence

Operators in the capital-intensive oil and gas industry continually face challenges to increase production while also tightly controlling the cost of sustaining operations. Intelligent automation and optimization of assets can help reduce costs and make your operations more efficient.
Case study


EP Petroecuador Balao terminal decided to conduct a complete renewal and update project for their pumping station operations. For Sensia, this involved the development of an automatic control system to optimize management at the maritime terminal. The system monitors the process variables and the management of control valves for appropriate products to be pumped – tripling capacity for loading and unloading ships, reducing downtime and enhancing system safety and reliability.

Explore remote monitoring and analytics

As on land oil and gas operations span great geographic distances, physical
management of assets is costly and time-consuming. Remote monitoring and
analytics allow you to gain a virtual view of your entire oilfield to better manage
performance, address issues, and schedule maintenance.

Explore our irreducibly simple asset management and optimization solutions

  • Remote support and monitoring
  • Process control systems
  • Motor control centers

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