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Oil & gas automation engineering
consultancy services

No matter your field of vision, our expert oil & gas automation engineering consultancy team can help your next project hit the ground running.

Offset risk with your perfect oil & gas automation partner

Traditional integration will only get you so far. Our engineering consultancy services have been carefully created to capitalize on the true value of synergy. By bringing together domain experience and IP – we are uniquely placed to help you deliver early value along your digitization journey.

Reduce the risk associated with your large capital project. Whether it’s a specific area like electrical or instrumentation, or more collaborative pursuits with third-parties, such as integration of OEM equipment – we can help manage a little or a lot of your large project. While coordinating efforts with the EPC.


FEED plays a critical role in the success of projects. More than a simple cost estimate, FEED comprises a project scope, budget, total cost of ownership, implementation timeline, and risk assessment. All of these factors combine to help identify risks and establish a well-defined scope, compliance measures, budget, and schedule for greater success during implementation, start-up, and beyond.


Being able to handle the complexities of system engineering and project execution is key to managing implementation risks and ensure performance of your operation. Through Sensia engineering and project management services you have access to sound application expertise, engineering toolsets, and documentation. This unique holistic methodology helps minimize risk by driving efficiency and consistency into projects regardless of location and scope.


The risks associated with managing a greenfield or brownfield project are well-documented. Stepping in to the role of Main Automation Contractor (MAC) – our expert team can leverage their experience on large capital projects and proven methodologies to keep your project on scope, on budget and on track. We act as your single contractor, providing engineering services to manage all instrumentation, information, and safety aspects of your project. With Sensia you aren’t just getting engineering excellence. You’re bringing some of the most experienced, insightful, domain experts in the oil & gas industry onboard, too.

For more infromation, download our Main Automation Contractor project design and implementation guide.


Going one step further – as OEM MAC we engage much earlier in the project to work through skid connectivity and integration challenges. This helps to create the technical standard and work with OEMs in the build process. The biggest benefit of taking this approach is standardization. Having the same automation standard across all skids makes integration much simpler. Data is easily accessible across the harmonized network and systems, while implementing a well-organized project plan from the start makes for smoother processes, reduced risk and saves valuable start-up time.

Meet and maintain high levels of process safety

The protection of personnel, processes, and the surrounding environment remains a key objective of any process plant operation strategy. There are hazards and risks with any industrial application – making process safety a major concern to anyone operating in the oil and gas sector. You can benefit from our combined years of process safety experience – high-integrity critical control, product portfolio, and safety solutions. We share our industry expertise with process facilities around the world to solve process control safety concerns.

Optimize your systems design

With decades of experience to call on, our global domain experts have combined the right balance of technology and industry expertise. Our front-end engineering and design (FEED) services are much more than a cost estimate. FEED comprises a project scope, budget, total cost of ownership, implementation timeline, and risk
assessment – seamlessly combining to help reduce risk and uncertainty during the detailed engineering and commissioning phases. This reduced risk can help create value throughout the production lifecycle.

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