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Oil & gas integrated control, power and safety solutions

Protect your people, processes and bottom line with our integrated control, power and safety solutions for a truly connected enterprise.

An integrated environment for effective operation of your plant

Having multiple systems to control your process, manage electrical devices or provide safety in your plant makes it more difficult for any operator to simultaneously maintain tight and effective control of all processes while maximizing output. With Sensia you can rely on completely integrated systems to provide complete visibility into your plant – allowing full control of all your assets while maintaining the highest levels of safety. All in one operating environment.

High-performance control architecture

Our integrated control systems facilitate intelligent operation of your processes by deploying an industrial control system to individually solve specific needs at an equipment, facility or asset level. These scalable solutions can be expanded to work across multiple assets or plants to achieve enterprise-wide business objectives – converging control and information for smarter systems, enhanced productivity and a more secure environment.


Aging infrastructure and equipment put your operation at risk. With our intelligent packaged power offering, you can enjoy simplified power and process packaging, access to device intelligence, and integration between process and electrical systems – in one package. All of these devices can be digitally integrated, regardless of which manufacturer supplied the device, to provide your team with total access to all the information in the substation.

A safer, more productive,

The safety and productivity of people, machines, and the environment is a key element
of any sustainable business. After all, studies show that best-in-class performers
achieve higher overall plant efficiency – with less unscheduled downtime and safer
operations – without compromising performance. Designated as the largest safety
automation provider in the world, we will help you develop safer, more productive solutions.

Explore our irreducibly simple asset management and optimization solutions

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