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Oil & gas process safety solutions

We are dedicated to delivering secure process safety from wellhead to refinery – while optimizing your operation for the lifecycle of the asset.

Maintain safe operations.
Protect operational efficiency.

It’s not uncommon to discover a disconnect between process safety performance and day to day operations. Risk increases between planned hazard review periods can result in lagging safety indicators and increased safety risks. While competing pressures and priorities push operational needs and process safety practices even further apart.

By positioning process safety as a strategic resource – Sensia connects process safety and operational excellence to protect business performance, reputation, operational uptime and efficiency.

Process Automation webinars

Is your safety system up to current

We explore some of the misinformation surrounding the
guidelines and standards for the design and implementation
of safety systems, and what to do with system installed prior
to the current standards.
Presented by Eduardo Gorga

Key considerations when migrating your process safety system

We demonstrated using an actual project experience, how you
can migrate obsolete safety systems to latest generation equipment,
while avoiding production downtime, by live transfer and minimal
uninterrupted production during migration process.
Presented by Adam Howard

How do you monitor your safety system?

We address what it takes to ensure that each Safety Instrument System will do exactly what its supposed to do, including how to monitor,
maintain and test, and whether to do things manually or if it can be automated.
Presented by Pete Skipp, Exida

Register for acess to the Sensia webinar series

Experts from our team hosted a series of online webinars in July, August and September to discuss key challenges in oil & gas process safety. Register to recieve the webinar recordings and be part of the debate.


Closing the gap with real-time operational process safety

Upgrade options are available on most ICS Triplex legacy process safety systems – enabling customers to replace the processors only. This approach retains the installed I/O and field wiring, with the option to upgrade to meet operational requirements later. This valuable option offers enhanced capabilities, minimal downtime,and can be executed with the existing systems live in some cases.

For customers of the Plantguard systems and modules, we have a direct, factory-set replacement. Simply install the Alternative Trusted® Modules as you would a regular spare replacement. In doing this, you maintain full product support.


Whether you need to scale mature assets up or down without compromising safety or get process safety right, right from the start – Sensia has the experience and domain expertise to keep your operation on track. Unlike other process safety providers, we are just as effective at managing the unique challenges of aging equipment as we are with phased development from the very start of a project.

Scalable fault-tolerant safety instrumented
solutions for every SIL level

AADvance® control system delivers unparalleled performance and value as well as a truly distributed process safety architecture. A cost-effective system – it can be scaled up or down to meet the requirements of multiple SIL levels. Allowing you to satisfy SIL 1 through SIL 3 in the same control strategy.


Trusted® is a technology with a Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) architecture – providing the optimum combination of high availability (minimizing spurious trips) and safety integrity (maximizing PFDavg capability). Certified for use in applications with Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) up to SIL 3.

Safety Configured PLC for SIL 2 Safety functions

The ControlLogix®SIL 2 solution makes a safety configured and certified logic solver available for fail safe or low SIL 2 safety functions where the process owner prefers the use of a standard off the shelf PLC platform.


  • Safety lifecycle services
  • Process safety toolkit & systems
  • Connected SIS
  • Processing facilities SIS
  • Shutdown relay panel replacement
  • Small pump / compressor station ESD
  • Single unit SIS
  • Multi-Unit SIS
  • Medium to large SIS



Oil and gas process
safety solutions


Wells SIL 2 Conversion for a Middle East NOC Case Study


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