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The standard output from a turbine meter is a zero-voltage centered alternating current sine wave that is typically less than one volt ac peak to peak and can be as low as 20 mV p-p ac. The current flow is low micro-amps. Small diameter meters near their minimum flow capacity produce the lowest amplitudes. If there is other electrical equipment in the area, then electromagnetic noise or grounding issues can induce small pulses on the interconnecting wires that the totalizer can mis-interpret as flow pulses. An amplifier (preamp) mounted on or very close to the turbine flow meter increases the magnitude of the legitimate pulses so that the pulse receiving device can reject the illegitimate pulses as background noise.  All remote signal cables must be shielded.




The MC-III Preamp function
Every MC-III totalizer has an all-analog semi-conductor-based pre-amplifier circuit that Sensia calls AMP and SQUARE. This output has no adjustment or calibration since it defined by the internal circuit component as one pulse out for one pulse in.  The output has no latency.

The output is an open drain transistor that can switch up to 50 mA from an external power source of between 5 to 30 VDC.

While at first thought it may seem odd to apply such a capable device as the MC-III for just it’s pre-amp capabilities its popularity allows it to be economical.  The MC-III is offered with international certifications and an optional stainless steel enclosure.

 NUFLO MC-II Flow Analyzer

Amplified pick-up coils
Powered pickup coils offer an output very similar to the MC-III. They can be an effective option provided,

  • The temperature is not unusually high or low
  • They are not subjected to excessive vibration
  • The quantity required is more than ten
  NUFLO Low Power Preamplifier
Provides a special 6 to 8 V square wave signal across a 1000 ohm resistor with 12 VDC power supply at the input frequency signal. This special arrangement allows the Preamp power supply and its output to be on the same two wires. See Product Datasheet for details
  NUFLO TMP-100 Pulse Divider Circuit
This OEM style circuit board product is designed to provide a pulse output representing a user-defined unit volume from a remote mounted turbine meter. The output can be a optically isolated solid state type or an electromechanical type.

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NUFLO TMP-100 turbine meter pulse divider circuit Manual

Maintenance Manual

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NUFLO low power pre-amplifier Product Sheet

Product datasheet

NUFLO TMP-100 turbine meter pulse divider circuit Product Sheet

Product datasheet


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