The fixture precisely locates the transducers on the pipe surface to form four acoustic paths. Two pairs of transducers form cross paths, and the remaining transducers form diagonal paths. Acoustic pulses are sent back and forth between pairs of transducers. The transit time of the pulses is measured and, along with the pipe dimensions and acoustic properties of water, are used to determine the average axial velocity. The axial fluid velocity, the cross-sectional area of the pipe, and the meter velocity profile constant are used to calculate volumetric and mass feed water rates. The CALDON LEFM 2010FE Nuclear Feedwater Temperature and Flow Meter measures mass feed water flow to within ±1% and average bulk feed water temperature to within ±2° F (±1.1° C).

Our CALDON LEFM 2010FE Nuclear Feedwater Temperature and Flow Meter system consists of at least one electronics unit, fixture, transducers, and transducer cables per feed water loop or common header. The system also can include a router to perform totalizing and communication functions. Multiple analog (4 to 20 mA) outputs and RS422/485 serial communications are provided for data acquisition and interface to plant equipment.

The CALDON LEFM 2010FE Nuclear Feedwater Temperature and Flow Meter is a highly reliable system that requires little maintenance and provides preventable diagnostic indicators. Continuous online testing verifies the system is operating correctly and within the specified accuracy envelope. Any detected faults that cause system operation to be outside the specified accuracy will generate a failure indication via the serial output. Means for a fault isolation are provided should a failure occur. In addition, the system has a modular hardware design that allows any defective components to be isolated and repaired quickly.


Standard Features


  • Onsite installation of fixtures and transducers
  • System commissioning
  • Collection of baseline design data
  • Customer training
  • Field testing
  • Uncertainty analysis in accordance with ASME PTC 19.1
  • System consists of an external fixture and transmitter
  • Measures mass feed water flow rate and temperature to support calculation of thermal power
  • Plant hydraulic conditions simulated during water calibration using master system

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