The CALDON LEFM 2010MSE Moisture Separator Drain Flow Meter provides accurate and reliable measurement of moisture separator drain flow, which is critical in calculation of the efficiency of the moisture separator system. The CALDON LEFM 2010MSE Moisture Separator Drain Flow Meter uses acoustic transducers installed on the outside of the pipe to measure average velocity through the pipe. The measured velocity is integrated over the cross-sectional area of the pipe to determine volumetric flow rate. System accuracy is +/- 2 to +/- 3% of flow, and is a function of the size of the drain pipe and the exact installation conditions.

Use of externally mounted transducers allows the system to be installed easily, without requiring cutting of the pipe. The system is very low maintenance and provides continuous on-line verification that all meter elements are operating correctly. Whether used for one-time moisture separator efficiency during new plant start-up or for long-term trending, the CALDON LEFM 2010MSE Moisture Separator Drain Flow Meter provides cost-effective flow measurement for a difficult application.


Standard Features

  • On-site installation of fixtures and transducers
  • System commissioning
  • Collection of baseline design data
  • Customer training
  • Field testing
  • Uncertainty analysis in accordance with ASME PTC 19.1
  • System consists of an external fixture and transmitter
  • Used during turbine performance testing for long term trending or with tracer monitoring to determine moisture separator efficiency
  • High temperature operation

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