The CALDON 2010SG Steam Generator Blowdown Flow Meter provides reliable volumetric measurement for steam generator blowdown flow. A fixture and transducers (two per line) are mounted externally to the existing piping. This eliminates any need for cutting the blowdown lines and the expensive analyses required for changes in plant design.

The fixture precisely locates the transducers on the pipe surface of each loop to form an acoustic path. Acoustic pulses are sent back and forth between the pairs of transducers. The transit time of the pulses is measured and used with the pipe dimensions to calculate volumetric flow. The blowdown flow is then provided as an output for an external thermal power computation. The CALDON 2010SG Steam Generator Blowdown Flow Meter cost effectively measures blowdown rate with an accuracy of +/- 2% to +/- 5% of maximum flow (based on single-phase fluid). The accuracy obtainable is a function of the size of the blowdown piping and the exact installation conditions of the system.

Using the measurement for blowdown rate in thermal power computation will improve the uncertainty of the calculation by +/- 0.05%. The resulting power update from this improvement in colorimetric calculation uncertainty can potentially improve plant revenue by $100K per year.

A CALDON 2010SG Steam Generator Blowdown Flow Meter system consists of an electronics unit, one fixture for each blowdown line (up to a total of four), two transducers per fixture (up to a total of eight), and transducer cables. The electronics unit displays the volume flow rate and the system status. Up to four analog (4 to 20mA) outputs are provided for data acquisition and interface to plant equipment.

The CALDON 2010SG Steam Generator Blowdown Flow Meter is a highly reliable system that requires little maintenance and provides preventative diagnostic indicators. The system has continuous online testing that verifies the system is operating correctly and within its specified accuracy envelope. Any detected failure causing system operation to be outside the specified accuracy will generate a failure indication via the analog output.


Standard Features

  • Onsite installation of fixtures and transducers
  • System commissioning
  • Collection of baseline design data
  • Customer training
  • Field testing
  • Uncertainty analysis in accordance with ASME PTC 19.1
  • System consists of an external fixture and transmitter
  • Measurement improves uncertainty of core thermal power computation

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