Barge Blending

Installation of a ratio control or quality trim in-line blender on the deck of a barge provides the ultimate in bunker flexibility. A single barge can be loaded with just a heavy residual feedstock and a cutter and blend on demand to meet the needs of any bunker delivery. This eliminates the need to load multiple products or to return to the jetty to reload the bunker for every delivery.

An in-line blender can be a key component when the goal is to increase the number of deliveries that can be made per trip as well as delivering significant savings from enhanced blend accuracy. Sensia's bunker barge blending systems are custom designed and blender components are selected to meet specific operating needs. Blenders are supplied as fully integrated systems and can be designed as fixed skids fully certified for marine duty for deck mounting or containerized if required.

Sensia, through its JISKOOT product line, has 50 years of experience in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of in-line blending systems for terminals and tank farms throughout the world. The Company's large installed base and expert engineering teams based in regional engineering technology centers provide operators the confidence that a solution can be designed for every specific application.

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