Coriolis Flow Meters

NUFLO Camcor Coriolis Flow Meters offer an excellent value proposition to a diverse range of applications. Functioning on their own they are able measure fluids with an extreme range of viscosities, densities, temperatures, chemical compositions and rates of flow. When connected to a Scanner 3000 series flow computer the pair can provide watercut determination, mass, API gravity, Gross and standard volume, accounting records and performance enhancements.

They are offered in two series:

NUFLO CamCor CT Series. This top-of-the-line custody transfer grade Coriolis Flow Meter offers the highest performance for accuracy, repeatability, over a wide flow range.

NUFLO CamCor PRO Series
This series offers a balance of economy and performance to industrial and oilfield applications.

Coriolis Flow Meters

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