NUFLO Camcor PRO Series Coriolis Flow Meter


NUFLO Camcor Coriolis Flow Meters offer an excellent value proposition to a diverse range of application. Functioning on their own that are able measure fluids with an extreme range of viscosities, densities, temperatures, chemical compositions and rates of flow. When connected to a Scanner 3000 Series Flow Computer the pair can provide watercut determination, accounting records and performance enhancements.


  • Shallow bow-shaped dual sensors minimize pressure loss
  • Flow rate turndown up to 50:1
  • Suitable for liquids only
  • Nominal sensor sizes from 1/4” through 2”
  • Ability to measure rates from 0.264 GPM to 423 GPM*
  • Flow rate uncertainty on liquids +/-0.2% (+/-zero stability error)
  • Density uncertainty +/-0.003 g/ml
  • Wetted materials are 316/316L SST

Both series also feature:
  • Transmitter features available as integral or remote-mounted
  • Extensive I/O count, including dual independent pulse outputs, dual independent analog outputs, status input, and status output
  • Communications: Modbus* RS-485 and HART* compliant
  • Easy access to details and functions by through-the-glass keypad or PC interface
  • Diagnostic check for pipeline vibration and media pulsation

Product resources

Manuals & Support

NUFLO CamCor Coriolis flowmeters Manual


NUFLO CamCor Coriolis flowmeters Modbus Protocol Manual


NUFLO CamCor EZ-Link user interface software Manual


NUFLO CamCor PRO process Coriolis flowmeters Manual


Marketing collateral

NUFLO CamCor Coriolis flowmeters Product Sheet

Product datasheet


EZ-Link Service Edition - CamCor Coriolis – V3.3.0SE


EZ-Link Standard Edition - CamCor Coriolis – V3.3.0E



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