Sampling Service and Support

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest possible standard of customer care by offering an extensive range of services. These are designed to give our customers peace of mind, assure system reliability, integrity and minimize the cost of ownership.

Site Surveys
Our fully trained engineers will conduct a full survey of your current facilities and recommend a suitable system design. Alternatively they can inspect your current system and advise you on the most effective way upgrade or improve your current system.

Field Support, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning
Our team of specialist engineers and technicians can supervise the installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning of equipment. Our trained, certified specialists provide fast and effective start-up of new systems, saving you engineering time. We not only set up the system, but we perform rigorous testing to ensure that the installed system operating is performing at its optimum level.

System Maintenance
All systems are designed to the highest standard to ensure reliability and accuracy throughout the life of the system. We recommend a proactive approach is adopted by provision of a planned maintenance to optimize the system performance, reliability, minimize the cost of ownership by keeping repair costs to a minimum. We actively encourage our customers to ensure their systems are regularly maintained by one of our team of specialist engineers.

We offer two different types of maintenance depending on your needs:

  • A maintenance contract
  • Annual system health check

Our maintenance programs will provide:

  • Increase reliability and efficiency
  • Increase Time between Failures
  • Decrease down time
  • Schedule maintenance within shutdown periods
  • Projected spares requirement
  • Equipment updated where required
  • Increased confidence in equipment
  • Personal customer contact
  • Discounts on Maintenance Contracts
  • Updates on the latest system enhancements and upgrades
  • Regular reports on system performance

To maximize the return on your investment and understand how to optimize the system performance, our specialists can provide training courses specifically designed to suit your requirements. These training courses will provide your engineers, supervisors, operators and maintenance technicians with the necessary understanding and skills to operate, understand the design functionality, fault find to enable your technicians to carry out first line service and support.

Water Injection Proving
When crude oil is traded the value of the batch is determined by a measurement system. To value the batch BOTH the quantity and the quality must be accurately determined. With the ever increasing price of crude oil the accuracy and verification of these measurements is becoming of ever increasing significance. The quantity of the oil is measured via a metering system and the accuracy of this measurement is regularly proven by the use of a meter prover. The accuracy of the quality measurement determination is also fundamental to determining the value of the batch, this is determined by the use of a quality sampling system; this must also be proven to confirm that the sampling accuracy is suitable for fiscal duty. We offer performance measurement testing services to prove the sampling system by water injection testing. This process is independently witnessed and will validate that your sampling system is operating at its optimum level and providing a sample in accordance with the requirements of the International Sampling Standards. It is advisable that the sampling system performance is validated on an annual, biannual or a triannual basis.

Factory Repairs
In order to keep the range of our samplers in good operational condition, to prevent breakdown and costly maintenance down time, we recommend that Samplers are returned to us for factory repair every 12 months or in line with our customers own maintenance schedule. Our factory overhaul / repairs include the replacement of worn components, with genuine replacement parts followed by retest & calibration with the issue of an official calibration test certificate. We can also offer a repair service on its range of Sampling / Blending Controllers. To continue to provide the required accuracy and reliability in accordance with International Sampling Standards, please contact our Spares and Repairs department for a return material authorization number (RMA).

Operational Spares
We offer a comprehensive range of operational spares for the entire range of sampling products.

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