CLIF MOCK 5030 Orifice Meter


 NUFLO Model 5030 Single Chamber Orifice Fitting

CLIF MOCK Model 5030 Single Chamber Orifice Fitting

The CLIF MOCK Model 5030 single-chamber orifice fitting reduces the time and cost of inspecting and changing orifice plates, and helps ensure that the bore is properly centred in the meter tube. The single-chamber design makes installing and removing the orifice plate quick and easy by combining the orifice carrier and sealing bar in one assembly. By removing four bolts and a clamping bar, the user can pull the assembly from the fitting, replace the orifice plate and reinsert the assembly into the fitting in a matter of minutes. Additionally, with no flange bolts to remove and no flanges to spread, the risk of fluid loss from the pipeline is eliminated.


  • Quick and easy access to orifice plates 
  • No risk of fluid loss from pipeline 
  • Compatible with standard seal rings and orifice plates 
  • Zinc-chromate plated clamping for corrosion resistance 
  • Fitting models available for Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 piping 
  • 600 lb ANSI rating, 1480 psi maximum working pressure

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