The CALDON Ultrasonic Technology Center is located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The centerpiece of this facility is the Sensia Hydrocarbon Flow Laboratory. This flow laboratory is unequaled and sets Sensia apart from other ultrasonic meter suppliers in three distinctive ways.

Each CALDON LEFM 200 Series Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meter is calibrated in this laboratory using up to three oils to create a Reynolds number range that corresponds to the actual Reynolds number range the meter will encounter in the field. This process ensures that once the meter is installed and operating, performance will be unaffected by changes in flow rate and liquid viscosity. The ability to calibrate in-house will virtually eliminate the need for Sensia to use independent facilities, thereby dramatically reducing delivery cycles.


Standard Features

  • Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 by NVLAP, Lab Code 200813-0 and CMC certified by Dutch Metrology Institute
  • Calibration methods include master meter, small volume prover, and ball prover
  • Calibration fluids include Exxsol D80 and two mineral oils with a nominal viscosity of 2, 15, and 150 cSt, respectively; Viscosity can be varied over a range of 1.5 to 200 cSt
  • Temperature is controlled using a 65-ton chiller
  • Meter sizes from 4" to 24" can be calibrated

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CALDON Hydrocarbon Calibration Laboratory Brochure


CALDON LEFM ultrasonic flowmeters for liquid applications Brochure


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