The CALDON LEFM 240Ci Ultrasonic Flow Meter is a 4-path ultrasonic flow meter consisting of four pairs of fully integrated, high-performance, wetted ultrasonic transducers. These paths cross the flow stream at a 45-degree angle so that there is a difference in the transit time of the ultrasonic signals, depending on whether the sound pulse is traveling with or against the direction of flow. 

The difference in transit times of each path is a measure for the velocity along each path. The individual velocities are integrated. Path locations and integration methodology comply with numerical integration rules specified by the mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss. Years of hydraulic calibration data confirm that an ultrasonic flow meter based on Gaussian integration combined with a four-path design can be used on a broad range of installations and applications with high precision. The transducers in the meter body can be replaced without depressurizing the process.


Standard Features

  • Electronics can be integrally or remote mounted
  • Available in 4" to 40"
  • ±0.15% linearity for each measurement over the nominal flow range
  • OIML R117-1 Edition 2019 (E); Accuracy Class 0.3

Product resources

Manuals & Support

CALDON LEFM 200 Modbus Manual


CALDON LEFM 2xxCi ultrasonic flowmeters with G3 transmitters Manual


CALDON LEFM G3 Transmitter Modbus Manual


Marketing collateral

CALDON LEFM ultrasonic flowmeters for liquid applications Brochure



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