CALDON LEFM 244Ci Ultrasonic Meter The CALDON LEFM 244Ci Ultrasonic Flow Meter is a high-performance unit designed for custody transfer or fiscal metering applications that features two independent four-path flowmeters in one compact meter body.

The four-path-plus-four-path dual-meter design meets all custody-transfer requirements while offering full redundancy and meter-to-meter comparison for in situ validation.

  • Both measurements capable of bi-directional functionality
  • Continuous logging
  • Advanced signal processing with real time diagnostic analysis including best-in-class update rate


Standard Features

  • Sizes available in 8" to 48"
  • ±0.15% linearity for each measurement over the nominal flow range
  • OIML R117-1 Edition 2019 (E); Accuracy Class 0.3

Product resources

Manuals & Support

CALDON LEFM 200 Modbus Manual


CALDON LEFM 2xxCi ultrasonic flowmeters with G3 transmitters Manual


CALDON LEFM G3 Transmitter Modbus Manual


Marketing collateral

CALDON LEFM ultrasonic flowmeters for liquid applications Brochure



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