CALDON LEFM 280CiLT-R Flow Meter is built on the strong heritage of CALDON being the first company to develop an Ultrasonic Flow Meter for custody transfer of LNG. And in 2010 the was awarded the Innovation Award by the readers of Flow Control magazine following development of the first ultrasonic flow meter for dynamic custody transfer of LNG.

The CALDON LEFM 280CiLT-R Flow Meter offers many benefits for measuring LNG with the cross-path arrangement in each of the 4 chordal planes making this eight acoustic paths ultrasonic flow meter insensitive to velocity profile asymmetry and swirl. In addition, the CALDON LEFM 280CiLT-R Flow Meter does not require a flow conditioner and needs minimal straight runs of pipe either upstream or downstream of the meter. 

In 2005, a CALDON LEFM 280CiLT-R Flow Meter was provided for a joint industry between ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips designed to assess flow technologies for LNG projects. These tests confirmed that the effect of swirl was indeed eliminated by the cross-path arrangement in each chordal plane with no bias due to swirl was observed.

The CALDON LEFM 280CiLT-R Flow Meter enables a higher accuracy in LNG measurements when compared with conventional methods, which yields significant savings. An improvement in only 0.1% in uncertainty can save upward of $10,000 per tanker load. Additional efficiency benefits are realized due to the elimination of a flow conditioner when using the CALDON LEFM 280CiLT-R Flow Meter which leads to lowering of overall pressure losses resulting in reduction of pumping costs and faster ship-loading times.


Standard Features

  • Insensitivity to swirl
  • Electronics are remote mounted
  • Available in 6" to 36"
  • ±0.10% linearity over the nominal flow range
  • ±0.18% extrapolated on LNG volumes from calibration on water or light oil as documented in NMi Report No. CPC10200743
  • OIML R81-NMI; C-SP/60667-HrW/RAP; Accuracy Class 0.3

Product resources

Manuals & Support

CALDON LEFM 200 Modbus Manual


CALDON LEFM 2xxCi ultrasonic flowmeters with G3 transmitters Manual


CALDON LEFM G3 Transmitter Modbus Manual


Marketing collateral

CALDON LEFM ultrasonic flowmeters for liquid applications Brochure



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