CALDON USM Measurement Advisor condition-based monitoring and configuration software gives you continuous and full control over the configuration and the health of your CALDON LEFM Ultrasonic Flow Meter. This simple and user-friendly software package can monitor multiple Ultrasonic Flow Meters simultaneously direct from your desk. The number of meters is only limited by network and CPU availability.

The easy to understand HMI shows the actual and historical health data for each individual meter connected in one single overview. No in-depth knowledge is needed to operate it – intuitive and intelligent alarming will give you guidance every step along the way.

However, the specialists among us will be able to perform detailed analysis using different types of graphs, trends and visual tools. By exporting data to third party software like Excel, even more statistical analysis becomes possible.

During the lifetime of a CALDON LEFM Ultrasonic Flow Meter, all valuable data is stored within a relational database to guarantee data integrity. This data can be used for audit trail purposes and clarification for any historical measurement dispute.

The CALDON USM Advisor software validates the millions of dollars’ worth of gas and oil passing through CALDON LEFM Flow Meters. It helps you to reduce your risk and saves you money


The CALDON USM Measurement Advisor software is available for use with CALDON LEFM 200 and 300 Flow Meters with G3 electronics that were delivered since October 2015. For further details regarding use of the CALDON USM Measurement Advisor software with your existing CALDON LEFM Flow Meter please review the CALDON USM Measurement Advisor electronics compatibility document.


  • The CALDON USM Advisor Measurement software allows you to:
  • Increase response time and increase safety by less location visits by monitoring up to 10 flowmeters simultaneously globally from a central and remote location.
  • Monitor CALDON LEFM Flow Meters continuously 24/7/365 so only plan maintenance and calibration when truly needed and it will keep your cash flow secured.
  • Easy recognize any type of failure instantaneously using default, application specific and intelligent alarms. All within an easy to use icon driven user interface
  • Analyze in detail your historical data using modifiable trendlines, timeframes and other graphical information to “dive deeper’ in the stored data
  • Optimize your application by the state-of-the-art fingerprinting. Capture a collection of reference points over a set range of conditions such as velocity, speed of sound, temperature and pressure in order to better monitor each meter. Comparing the meter operation to these points over time, patterns can be detected that indicate a reduction of efficiency, need for recalibration or maintenance, or impending failure. This allows for preventative maintenance to be done in order to significantly prolong the life of connected multipath ultrasonic meters and reduce the downtimes for those meters.
  • Fully configure CALDON LEFM Flow Meters including calibrating and checking multiple I/O
  • Store your valuable data in a relational database for full audit trail, data integrity and data security by role-based levels of access.

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CALDON USM Measurement Advisor condition-based monitoring software Manual


CALDON USM Measurement Advisor condition-based monitoring software User Guide


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CALDON USM Measurement Advisor Product Sheet

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CALDON USM Advisor Condition-based monitoring and configuration software


CALDON USM Advisor Condition-based monitoring and configuration software


CALDON USM Advisor Condition-based monitoring and configuration software


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