A bold new logo for a brighter future

July 18, 2023 | Written by: Sensia

The world of energy is evolving. Fast.

As leaders in Intelligent Action, we take pride in staying one step ahead of the curve. With a new era of cleaner, greener and smarter energy upon us, the time has come for Sensia to evolve too.

While our logo has become a globally recognised mark of integrity, innovation, engagement, and performance – we needed to update our brand to better symbolize the digital focus that will enable us to keep delivering the safe, sustainable and secure sources of energy that will shape our customers’ futures.

Our digitalization and automation solutions allow you to efficiently sense, think, control and optimize every aspect of energy production, transportation, storage and processing. From reservoir to refinery to renewable – and beyond. Our new logo needed to reflect our renewed digital and forward-thinking focus. Becoming a symbol for all of our efforts to make the advantages of industrial-scale digitalization and seamless automation available to every energy company.

Accelerating decarbonization
We support the world’s transition to low-cost and sustainable energy by helping you to decarbonize processes and lower carbon emissions operation-wide.

Enabling production and operational optimization
We create packaged solutions that get you to first production and profit, faster. Reducing costs, improving efficiency and maximizing asset productivity to meet the need for lower-cost energy.

Assuring compliance
We keep operations compliant with accurate and real-time monitoring designed to reduce human, operational and financial risk – from real-time emission monitoring to accurate carbon accounting.

Empowering diversification
We work closely with our clients to support their diversification into renewable and carbon-free energy production to achieve net-zero targets.

Find out more about how Intelligent Action can help you deliver more efficient, sustainable energy today.

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