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Sensia Lift Control Solutions

Automating lift for more cost-effective use of operational resources, assets and power, and enabling the most effective recovery at the lowest cost.

Bring the advantages of industrial-scale
automation to lift

Lift controls are the interface between production figures and the actions you can take to address any production issues and improve performance. Automating lift with Sensia introduces new options that make more cost-effective use of operational resources, assets and power, enabling the most effective recovery at the lowest cost.

Sensia Lift Controls bring a unique operations-first approach to automation that starts with how you lift and scales up to enable production management across multiple wells in real time.

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Add automation not complication

Sensia experts work with you to simplify automation infrastructure—and aim to deliver the fastest returns from the lifting systems you already have in place. It’s an approach that allows operators to reduce system replacement and upgrade spend, eliminate switching costs, maximize pump life and ultimately extend field life.

Our solutions are engineered to get variable speed drives, controllers, instrumentation systems and communications all working together in one unified environment. With everything sharing a common framework, Sensia customers can quickly visualize equipment status and performance across the entire lift system to rapidly understand the situation and swiftly take action to keep production on track.

Lift Control Drives

Reliable power, protection, and control of ESP and HPS installations while reducing overall operating costs, increasing total efficiency, and maintaining system integrity.

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Lift Control Devices

Wellsite protection, control, and data acquisition to help maintain well integrity.


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Lift Control Communications

Simple, cost-effective, low-maintenance access to real-time data from almost anywhere in the world.


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Lift Optimization Services

Service to optimize production, control and power.


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Automated Gas Lift Optimization Solutions

More oil for less. Wherever you are today we add value to your gas lift operation from monitoring and surveillance to fully automated gas lift wells.


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  • SpeedStar – The industry’s leading VSD
  • Instruct – Controller
  • Sensia VSD
  • OptiLift – Drive Controller [Rod pumps]
  • KUDU PCP Manager – Drive + Controller. The authority in PCP and HPU control
    • Surveillance and monitoring
    • Field connectivity
    • Power systems consulting
Well surveillance
  • Surveillance Software
  • Field Connectivity
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