A new look. For a new era of Intelligent Action.

August 03, 2023 | Written by: Sensia

Our new-look brand heralds a renewed focus on all of the things that make Sensia unique. Even our new logo has been designed to reflect the four Sustainability Pillars that are inspiring our new era of Intelligent Action.

As the world of energy continues to evolve at pace, we’re collaborating closely with all stakeholders – from end-to-end – to make sure everyone benefits from simpler, safer, more secure, more productive and more profitable operations. We are continuing to work tirelessly to overcome the performance challenges of sustainable energy production, transportation and processing. One by one.

Delivering a step-change in asset performance, productivity and sustainability

Our future-focused philosophy is driven by four key pillars designed to deliver a true step-change for your operation.

+ Accelerating decarbonization
Don't just keep pace with the energy transition. Lead it. Sensia enables you to take proactive Intelligent Action to decarbonize processes, reduce carbon emissions and drive more sustainable performance operation-wide. By shortening the time between detection and correction, we help you maximize productivity, ensure your assets are running as efficiently as possible and eliminate unnecessary energy consumption and emissions.

+ Enabling production and operational optimization
The dramatic increase in the global demand for renewable and carbon-free energy production is driving operators to look beyond the traditional energy mix. No matter where your operation takes you next, our modular and future-proof solutions are engineered to enable you to embrace change – while driving safety, efficiency, optimization, and compliance.

+ Assuring compliance
Truly sustainable operations are built around cost-effective and compliant processes designed to meet your Environmental, Safety and Governance (ESG) goals. That's why our team of experts will work closely with you to engineer scalable solutions capable of reducing safety shutdowns, improving performance and keeping your operation competitive – and compliant.

+ Empowering diversification
Our portfolio of packaged solutions are designed to reduce costs, improve efficiency and maximize asset productivity to help you meet the growing global need for lower-cost energy. Whether that’s by reducing trips to the field, optimizing chemical usage, reducing high energy asset and compressor usage – or more. To discover more about how the new era of Intelligent Action can help you stay ahead of the sustainability curve, get in touch with the team today.

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