Celebrating Ling Long Xu on International Women in Engineering Day

June 20, 2023 | Written by: Sensia

At Sensia, we take great pride in recognizing the exceptional achievements of our talented engineers. Today, continuing our celebration of International Women in Engineering Day, we shine the spotlight on Ling Long Xu, a remarkable Production Engineer and Petro-Technical Expert for OFM based in China. Join us in recognizing her accomplishments and the invaluable contributions she has made to our team and clients.
Ling Long's role at Sensia is centered around providing comprehensive software technical support, ensuring our clients have a deep understanding of our products and maximizing their productivity. She handles a wide range of queries, from routine inquiries to urgent technical challenges. In her first year, Ling Long faced over 400 customer queries, which demanded her unwavering dedication and expertise.
With her sharp analytical skills, Ling Long identified a recurring issue: the language barrier between our product instructions and our Chinese users. Determined to address this challenge, she diligently categorized all the tickets and devised effective solutions. Ling Long's commitment resulted in the creation of 110 smart tips in Chinese, which she shared with our clients. Their overwhelmingly positive response during last year's survey, where they expressed "good service" and high satisfaction, is a testament to Ling Long's dedication to customer success.
As a female engineer, Ling Long has faced unique challenges, including doubts about the capabilities of women in engineering and the difficulties of managing family responsibilities during extensive business trips. Nevertheless, Ling Long's passion for her field fuels her love for problem-solving and fuels her determination to excel. Her expertise not only empowers her to overcome these challenges but also allows our clients to see her in a new light—a consummate professional who consistently delivers exceptional results.

Ling Long's mantra in work and life is simple yet profound: "Just try your best, do what you can, and follow your instincts." It is this mindset that brings ease to her life and propels her to reach new heights of success.

Join us in applauding Ling Long Xu on International Women in Engineering Day for her unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding service, driving productivity, and providing value to our customers. Together, let's inspire the next generation of engineers and foster a more inclusive and diverse future in our industry.

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