First-of-its-kind Energy Monitoring Solution delivering the best of Intelligent Action in Oman

August 30, 2023 | Written by: Sensia

At Sensia, we are proud to collaborate closely with our customers to overcome the performance challenges of sustainable energy production, transportation and processing. One by one.

Born out of bringing together the best of the best from SLB and Rockwell Automation – Sensia leverages deep domain knowledge and automation expertise to deliver exceptional results. So, when an NOC in Oman approached us with a unique energy monitoring challenge, we knew we had the combined experience to deliver a game-changing solution.

With 29% of power consumption originating from well-lifting operations using extensive electrical pumping – including around 5,000 ESP, PCP and SRP wells – meeting government mandated sustainability goals while maintaining productivity was going to require a bespoke approach.

Sensia-EMS was devised and developed in close collaboration with the customer to offer comprehensive energy measurement, monitoring and cost-effective energy management. Uniting the D&I and PS capabilities of SLB with the field-proven PowerMonitor product from Rockwell Automation to deliver truly elevated performance.

Maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs for a more sustainable operation

Sensia-EMS isn't just a monitor. It's a catalyst for unlocking energy optimization potential and cost savings – streamlining operations, reducing waste, and improving sustainability – every step along the way. This first-of-its-kind EMS delivers Intelligent Action to put an unrivalled range of functionality at your fingertips:

+ Agnostic Compatibility
Sensia-EMS seamlessly integrates with any electrically powered asset – from Lift Pumps to Compressors and more.

+ Comprehensive Metrics
Measure voltage, current, and power accurately, and track consumption values including real, reactive, and apparent energy.

+ Customizable Models
Available in various models, Sensia-EMS is designed to fit your unique energy metering requirements.

+ Optimize Existing Systems
Enhance your asset's existing energy monitoring capabilities by integrating with FT EnergyMetrix & Advanced Analytics.

+ Control and Automation
Integrate with any RTU (IXC2/PLCs) and other communication protocols to utilize energy quality data in the control systems and optimization workflows.

To learn more about our innovative new EMS – or how we can accelerate your ambitions with bespoke or turnkey solutions – talk to our team of experts today.

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