Artificial Lift Remote Control & Optimization


Artificial lift remote control and optimization
Reduce the Time Between Event Detection and Correction

Sensia's cutting-edge real-time Avalon Lift Surveillance Solution revolutionizes the way operators monitor and optimize their artificial lift systems. Our comprehensive solution provides operators full real-time monitoring and remote-control capabilities, ensuring optimal efficiency and productivity. In addition, by leveraging sophisticated algorithms and data analytics, our solution enables operators to make informed, data-driven decisions quicker to improve Artificial Lift run life and optimize production.

Our intelligent automation empowers you to manage numerous assets efficiently, even with limited resources. Built on the robust Avalon platform, Avalon Lift Surveillance offers broad compatibility, allowing you to leverage and maximize the potential of your existing assets while benefiting from advanced lift surveillance features.

Avalon Lift Surveillance functionality, such as Triage, allows you to manage your artificially lifted wells by exception. Other functionalities, such as Artificial Intelligence Response Prioritization (AiRP) and smart alarms for ESPs as well as automated Lift Gas injection rate optimization, are specifically designed to optimize your response time to abnormal events and optimize production.

Whether you have a high well count or high-value well applications, our solution caters to your needs.

With Avalon Lift Surveillance, gain valuable insights, optimize performance, and achieve cost savings throughout the entire lifecycle of your operation.

Artificial Lift Remote Control & Optimization

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