IntelligentCore Suite

Remove the time-consuming and costly requirements for control system changes with industrial-level efficiency. Across all lifecycles and over multiple wells, the IntelligentCore suite of production automation applications enables seamless modernization and total flexibility of your ever-changing demands.

Unparalleled control

Pre-engineered applications, reusable code modules, and a consistent operator interface make integration simple. A library of applications means you can tailor your approach and remain in control of your automation strategy.

The Rockwell Automation field-proven and industry-leading ControlLogix PLC and HMI architecture allow you to implement a control strategy that can handle changing control requirements as your projects vary from site to site.

Save up to 30%

The IntelligentCore pre-programmed applications can save 30% in engineering labor design, build, and test costs. Each application has supporting programming and user documentation which can help to reduce training costs.

Scalable. Flexible. Fast.

With pre-engineered, pre-written, and pre-tested applications, you will reach first production fast. And, because the applications are modular, you can tailor your system to fit your requirements. Choose what you need now, with the flexibility to add more modules as your operation grows. The IntelligentCore applicaiton suite can manage up to 16 artificial lift wells with automatic test reports and configurable shutdowns.

Let Sensia package your automation and measurement systems

Let our experienced automation and measurement teams design, build, program, test and commission your full automation and measurement system.

Our teams can:
  • Size and build flow meters
  • Specify and configure flow computers
  • Supply automated valves and chokes
  • Design, build, configure and test power systems
  • Design, build, program and commission automation systems
Does your drill schedule require multiple new control systems?
Work with our project teams to design a system once that can be implemented over and over.

Remotely monitor and control all of your IntelligentCore systems

The Avalon IT/OT platform provides powerful data gathering, contextualization, visualization and analytic functions. Operators can monitor current and historical parameters from their operations and make customizable adaptations seamlessly from a centralized function or remotely. Avalon is available to users on-premises or in the cloud.

Discover the power and possibilities of the Avalon platform

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