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April 21, 2022 | Written by: Sensia


Welcome to the second issue of the Sensia OFM & Avocet Newsletter. We are excited to continue our initiative to provide you with quarterly updates and will strive to make it useful and informative.
In this issue, you will find updates from the software development teams, a few OFM tips & tricks, and a current training schedule. Our recent webinars are listed at the end. Webinars offer an easy way to get up to speed on some of our solutions and workflows, so if you have suggestions for topics you would like to see, please reach out and let us know. Feedback on the newsletters is also welcome, including suggestions for what kind of information to cover here.

Stay in touch! Thank you.


Review our tips & tricks for ideas on how to improve your projects and workflows.

Software Development News


OFM 21.2 now available
Our latest release, OFM 21.2, builds on the many new features and upgrades introduced in the last major release, but with a focus on the Forecast Manager and Mapping Analysis. It also brings a new Rate-Cum Analysis for plotting rates vs. cumulative values, enabling better charting of a few specialized line plots. As for the previous release, OFM 21.2 offers the option of installing the software either as a 32-bit application or a 64-bit application. Please note that you can not have both versions installed at the same time.
Looking at the year ahead, it will be another busy year for OFM Development, but please know that we are committed to bringing you OFM solutions that improve efficiency and productivity, while maintaining the technical depth and user flexibility OFM is known for.
On that note, we would love to hear from you. What do you think we should focus on in terms of functionality and overall enhancements?  You can now submit your suggestions and enhancement requests here: (password: sensia-ofm). The website is for suggestions only (no bugs, please) and keep in mind that it is public, so submit your comments accordingly.
You can also contact customer support (details below) with questions or comments.

Thank you.


  • New Rate-Cum Analysis
    • Generate plots with a running sum of both x-axis and y-axis variables, like
      • Rate vs. Cumulative Stacked Charts
      • WOR vs. Cumulative Charts
  • Mapping
    • Added support for loading an image file as an annotation layer
    • Added option to edit min/max color range values
    • Grid map statistics now updated based on grid area
    • Wells without location coordinates not drawn on base map to reduce rendering time
  • Forecasts
    • Updated Lasso functionality for DCA point selection
  • Forecast Manager
    • Support for displaying completion name as Alias
    • Forecasts displayed on the current filter


Our latest release is now available, bringing you new and enhanced solutions for improved efficiency and productivity, while maintaining the technical depth and user flexibility OFM is known for.
OFM 21.1 Software Release Announcement
OFM 21.2 Software Release Announcement

Active OFM license holders can download now


Welcome to the April 2022 update. We are excited to bring you two key enhancements that target improvements on operational decision support and gas lift optimization based on physics-based models.

Operational Data Store (ODS) is a central data store especially targeting business reporting workflows. ODS provides a snapshot of the latest operational data into data structure designed for business intelligence workloads. ODS is a cloud native module, that can integrate with ETL workloads for both, cloud and on-prem environments.

Avocet is a core part of the Automated Gas Lift Optimization Solutions, enabling data aggregation, well model management, and production simulation execution. providing production data capture capabilities, enabling data aggregation, well model management, and integration with PIPESIM for workflows like nodal analysis, gas lift response and gas lift diagnostics.

An exhaustive list of features and bug fixes can be downloaded from Software Download Center on a quarterly basis.



OFM Training

OFM Training options can be found at

OFM Course Name Location Dates
OFM Fundamentals United Kingdom May 10 - 13
OFM Production Performance and Forecasting Analysis United Kingdom May 19 - 20
OFM Fundamentals Malaysia September 12 - 15
OFM Administration Malaysia October 3 - 6
OFM Production Performance and Forecasting Analysis  Malaysia October 13 - 14

Avocet Training

Avocet Training options can be found at

Customer Support

For OFM & Avocet customer support you can submit a ticket, email, or call us:


Submit a ticket through the ticket portal. Must be a registered user.

Submit a ticket after you have logged in to

Go to Support > Tickets.

You will be taken to the new CCC Service Portal. You can create a ticket using “New Request”.


Email us at:

Include the Product (OFM or Avocet) in the email and a ticket will be created in the support system if you are a registered user.


Phone Support

Search the country you are calling from to view the appropriate phone numbers. If your country is not listed, please refer to the nearest location for assistance.

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