Monitor your assets from end-to-end with our latest OFM release.

Our smartest ever OFM software, just got smarter

With more than 8,000 active users facing unique challenges around the globe – we’re always looking for new ways to refine and enhance our OFM software. Making it more intuitive, intelligent and insightful than ever before.


Our latest release is now available, bringing you new and enhanced solutions for improved efficiency and productivity, while maintaing the technical depth and user flexibility OFM is known for.
OFM 21.1 Software Release Announcement
OFM 21.2 Software Release Announcement
OFM 22.1 Software Release Announcement

Active OFM license holders can download now

Performance Improvements

Performance improvements include:

  • Upgrades for saving forecasts to SQL servers
  • Upgrades to the process of loading projects with large well counts (initial data loading and opening of the base map)


The new OFM offers new functionality and enhanced features in several modules.
Key updates for the last two releases are listed below

New in OFM 21.1

New Forecast Manager with three options for managing production forecasts:
  • Display Saved Forecasts
    Enables users to view a table with key information for saved forecasts, such as forecast parameters, start time, end time, reserves and EURs

  • Run Auto Forecast
    Enables batch forecasting of multiple completions or entities
  • Update End Rate/Ratio (“Economic Limit”)
    Provides an option to update the forecast End Rate and/ or End Ratio only, while all other forecast parameters are held constant. This allows the users to quickly evaluate the impact of a new “Economic Limit” on reserves and EURs
Forecast Module
  • Added flexibility in Decline Curve Analysis (DCA) filtering and datapoint selection
  • Switch Rate Date “drop line” available on DCA charts and forecast table
CDF Module
  • Display fit curves on the CDF chart
  • Display Pvalue location with a drop line on the CDF chart
Reporting and Mapping
  • New index feature that improves plotting and reporting of non-date dependent data
  • Update of the color scale range for variables in bounded maps (for pattern-level data)

New in OFM 21.2

New Rate-Cum Analysis
  • Generate plots with a running sum of both x-axis and y-axis variables, like
    • Rate vs. Cumulative Stacked Charts
    • WOR vs. Cumulative Charts
  • Added support for loading an image file as an annotation layer
  • Added option to edit min/max color range values
  • Grid map statistics now updated based on grid area
  • Wells without location coordinates not drawn on base map to reduce rendering time
  • Updated Lasso functionality for DCA point selection
Forecast Manager
  • Support for displaying completion name as Alias
  • Forecasts displayed on the current filter

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