Exploring Sustainable Intelligent Action

March 05, 2024 | Written by: Sensia

Insights from Luis Vargas Rojas, Digital Alliances Lead

We have deep expertise at Sensia and we pride ourselves on being thought leaders in an industry that is changing fast. One of our valued colleagues Luis Vargas Rojas, Digital Alliances Lead, who has over 20 years industry experience, took some time to share his views on the challenges for operators as we find new and innovative ways to take more Sustainable Intelligent Action.

A new kind of industry challenge

The global energy sector is pivotal for driving economic progress and societal advancement.

However, it also presents formidable challenges such as security, affordability, profitability, and the biggest question of our era – sustainability. To achieve this balance, we must simultaneously optimize hydrocarbon production while focusing on decarbonization and emissions reduction. Crucial to the long-term viability of the oil and gas industry is that companies adopt a holistic approach addressing environmental, social, and economic considerations.

In today's landscape, many answers can be found in digitalization. Adopting digital technologies has economic benefits, of course, but it's also essential for the survival of oil and gas enterprises. The advantages are wide-ranging, including safety, cost efficiency, productivity enhancement, and emissions reduction. Without embracing digital technologies, the industry risks losing out on new talent and the capital necessary to evolve innovative business models.

The digital oilfield future

As conventional oil reserves dwindle and exploration becomes increasingly costly and hazardous, the popularity of the digital oilfield is increasing. This represents a new phase of digital transformation, leveraging technologies like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, augmented reality, mobile connectivity, and cloud computing to optimize oil extraction from existing fields.

Fierce global competition means we can see significant investments in the digital oilfield. By integrating cutting-edge digital tools with streamlined processes, operators benefit from improved output, operational cost savings, and fewer unplanned shutdowns. By leveraging data collected through the Internet of Things, analyzing facility performance is happening in real time and this only goes to improve decision-making abilities.

Automation is playing its part too. Skilled workers are finding they can focus on more complex decision-making while doing more routine tasks like equipment monitoring. This complements a digitized process that leverages existing data to accelerate activities without altering established workflows.

Bringing technology and people together

While digital technologies offer immense potential, their success hinges on the workforce's understanding and trust. Therefore, successful digital transformations prioritize a people-centric approach.

Leading players in oil and gas have already capitalized on digitalization to drive efficiency across the value chain. Now, the focus is on embedding technology-enabled operations throughout the business. This approach requires upgrading workforce capabilities and information infrastructure to ensure tangible value generation.

Finding the perfect solution

Sensia is already supporting the development of digital oilfields worldwide – driving operational excellence in the sector and robust platforms like Avalon are facilitating this.

Through Avalon's ability to connect everything to everyone, operators can seamlessly monitor production system performance, from the reservoir to the refinery – linking underground assets with field equipment, network infrastructure, and communication channels. Regardless of their location, users can see the operational status of their entire production system, giving leaders and decision-makers the confidence to strike the perfect balance of performance and sustainability.

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